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Practice Closures

We appologise for any inconvience but we will be closed on the following dates/times. Friday 6th October - 1pm - 2pm (Church View)                                   12.30 - 2.30 [...]

Online Services - Further appointments added to this feature

Online Services - Online bookings We have recently tried to increase our uptake of patients using the online booking facilities. In a bid to increase this we have increased the types of appointments which patients can book into online. We now offer patients the choice of booking the following appointments online: - Medication Review appointments [...]


As it is now that time of year again ... We have have arranged our drop in flu clinics for the following dates/times. Church View Health Centre: Wednesday 22nd November - 2:00pm - 3:30pm - DROP IN ONLY Humberview Surgery: Thursday 30th November - 10:30am -  12:00pm - DROP IN ONLY Please note that patients of both Church View and Humbervi [...]

Beat the Heat

We are not making any promises about the weather this week but are told continued very warm or hot conditions are likely to remain north under high pressure which may trigger heatwave conditions.   For advice on staying well and keeping elderly, very young or vulnerable people safe in very hot conditions, please visit the following [...]

Receptionists aren’t medically trained so why do they ask why I’m calling?

A common bug bear among patients is around reception staff asking questions about the reasons for a patients call when ringing for an appointment.  Commonly patients will feel that receptionists are prying into the patients business and that they’re not medically qualified so what business is it of theirs?  Conversely however patients are [...]