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PUT PATIENTS FIRST - Back General Practice

General practice is facing a growing crisis, as it struggles to provide the care needed by an increasing patient population. Increasing workloads, declining resources and an overstretched workforce are placing huge strain on services that remain the first point of contact with the health service for most of the UK public.

The number of patients needing to see their GP’s is increasing rapidly, yet funding for general practice is falling year on year.  This means millions of patients are waiting a week or more to see their GP and the amount spent per patient is in decline. 

The Royal College of GP’s and the National Association for Patient Participation are taking action and campaigning for the governments of the UK to increase funding for general practice from 8.39% to 11% of the NHS budget by 2017.

We need your help!

Your help will be vital to reversing the decline in resources invested in general practice so that us, the GP’s can deliver the improvements to care we want to achieve.

Take action, support the campaign and stay informed.

On your next visit to the surgery, please sign our petition.

Join in the conversation on & twitter @rcgp #putpatientsfirst

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