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Patient Group News Items

Waiting Time Audit

We have now carried out the initial audit into the time taken between your appointment time and the time seen by the doctor.  The results of this audit are below.



Last Meeting & Action Plan 2014/15

During our October meeting of the Patient Representative Group, the group set the practice 3 priority improvement areas.  The improvement priority areas were chosen by reviewing feedback received from patients, and trends in complaints, together with current local priorities.  The action plan is below which sets the 3 priority areas as follows:

1. To improve patient representation
2. Improve waiting to see the doctor times
3. Reduce the number of emergency admissions to hospital


Why have they chosen these 3 areas? 

1. Patient representation is very low at the present time.  The group are struggling to attract patients to attend meetings, which sadly are frequently cancelled.  Together we need to encourage new ways of gaining patient feedback and opinion.  We fully appreciate that people have busy lives and may not have the time to attend a meeting; but believe you may be able to offer a spare 10 minutes once in a while to complete a short feedback survey by email? The practice will work with the Patient Group to promote the development of the "virtual patient group".

2. Feedback provided in the feedback box located in the waiting area indicated that some patients had found the length of time waiting for their appointment once they had arrived unacceptably long.  This was a priority area last year, but it seems improvements may have not been noted by patients. The Group will work with the practice to help improve waiting times.  As patients you can help by making a longer appointment if you need to discuss a complex health concern or multiple problems that would take longer than the 10 minute appointment. 

3. We already undertake a great deal of work to help keep patients healthy and out of hospital.  Despite this the number of patients using emergency services and being admitted to hospital remains quite high.  The Patient Group will support the practice in their work and help provide local knowledge of support groups.  Particularly befriending groups, and clubs for lonely or isolated people. The practice will provide guidance to patients about where to go for the most appropriate treatment; the group believe that over the years this has become a little vague.

The October meeting was not attended by many members meaning it was not representative of all patients.  We invite your feedback on these priorities: 

Do you agree with these priorities?
Do you have any suggestions for priority improvement areas? 
Can you offer any suggestions to help the practice achieve improvements in any of these areas?

If so please provide your feedback to the following email address: or follow the link below and complete our on line survey.


Thank you for your assistance. 


Action Plan

Survey Link


GP Survey Results and PPG Report 2013/14

We are delighted to be able to share the results of the recent GP consultation survey.  The survey was carried out in response to the patient participation group feeling that there was a definite need to canvas patient opinion following their appointment with the GP. 

As part of the obligations of the practice we are required to produce a report about our patient group and include the results of the survey, and the action plan implemented as a result of your feedback.

Please do take the time to read the report.  Your feedback is always welcome, if you wish to add anything or become a member of our group, either in person or by email, please do let us know by emailing Chantal Bailey at


Survey Results & Report