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Social media

How we use Facebook

We invite Facebook members to become friends of the Pelham Medical Group's Facebook page. We can then showcase Pelham Medical Group's internet and phone services by posting links to specific sections of our website, such as latest news, our new health checkers, the minutes to the last Patient Participation Group meeting, or new jobs and careers.

We can also engage and contact users who are making comments about us, get feedback on the services we provide and spread the word about the good work we're doing. All the time we will be informing our friends of our latest developments and improvements.

Follow us on Facebook

If you're on Facebook, why don't you join our group?

We'd also like to know what you think of our Facebook page. Is there anything else we can use Facebook for? How can we use it better?

Send us a message on Facebook, write on our wall, or contact us.

Safety measures

In the interests of patient confidentiality and to avoid any clinical risk, there are no plans to provide any medical information via the social media channels, and our profile pages clearly state that we will not engage in clinical conversations. We merely direct users to appropriate health information pages on our website.

Furthermore, there are clearly defined parameters and editorial checks in place to make sure that everything we write is in keeping with the quality of service the public expects of us.