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Online services help

Signing up

  1. To use this service you will need to collect your personalised registration letter from reception in person at the Surgery.
  2. Once you have your letter, go to the Patient Access registration page.
  3. From the letter type in your Linkage Key and Account ID. Once these have been verified you will proceed to Screen 2.
  4. On Screen 2 you will be asked for more information. When typing your surname please be careful to type it as it appears on your letter using capital letters where appropriate.
  5. Choose a password carefully, it must be at least 7 characters long and contain both numbers and letters. It is also case sensitive. Try to choose a password you can remember without having to write it down. We cannot see or change your password at the Surgery.
  6. Next choose a security question from the drop down list and input an appropriate answer. This will help us to verify your identity should you ring the Surgery with an online services related issue.
  7. Once you click 'Submit' you will see a webpage thanking you for your registration, this will automatically take you to the log-on page.
  8. Finally fill in the User ID and your password and click 'Sign-in'.

Available services

From the Welcome Screen you can access all the services currently on offer from the Surgery; these are Contact Details, Appointment Booking, Repeat Prescription Ordering and Medical Record Viewer.

The Welcome Screen will show your outstanding appointments and the status of your Repeat Prescription Request should you have one. You will always be taken back to the Welcome Screen once you have completed a transaction. At the top is a 'Sign-Out' button that will log you out and take you back to the Log-In Screen.

Contact details

The Contact Details page is just a quick way to edit your address, phone numbers and email address. If any changes need to be made click 'Edit', make the relevant amendments and click 'Submit'. Changes have to be authorised by the Surgery so they do not appear instantly.


Through Patient Access you can now book your next appointment on-line. Click in the 'Book a New Appointment' link and it will show available dates, times and a list of the Surgery's GPs, just click the slot that suits you best.

You will be shown your appointment details and given the option to write a brief reason for your visit.

Click 'Book' and your appointment is now made. This new appointment will now show up on the Welcome Screen, from there you can cancel the appointment if necessary.

Repeat prescriptions

Ordering your medication over the Internet has never been simpler. Click the 'Request a Repeat Prescription' link and tick the items you require.

There is the option to send a message along with your request. Once your request has been submitted it will show you the status on the Welcome Screen.

The Repeat Prescription section will provide you with a history of previous requests and information about the items you can request.

Medical record viewer

The Medical Record Viewer will give you access to Allergies, Medications, Test Reults, Doccuments, Immunisations and coded entries from your past consultations.

The Medical Record Viewer will show you a Summary with information such as Allergies and Current Medication, Significant Medical Problems and Family History.

You will be able to see further information by selecting the categories on the left hand side.

Password and login issues

If you're having trouble signing in to Patient Access, make these checks first:

  • Make sure you're not trying to sign in using the details in your registration letter from the practice, as you need to use these to register your account first.
  • Make sure your CAPS LOCK key is not pressed by mistake, because your password is case sensitive
  • Make sure you're using your email address or User ID, not the old Practice ID and Access ID numbers.

Forgotten user ID

  1. On the Patient Access homepage, click the User ID link or click here.
  2. Type your postcode.
  3. Select your GP practice (Pelham Medical Group)
  4. Click Next.
  5. Confirm your personal details.
  6. You must complete all the boxes marked with an asterisk *.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. You'll receive an email with a reminder of your user ID.

Forgotten password

If you added security questions and answers when you set up your Patient Access account, and if you've given your email address and mobile number to your practice, you can use the steps below to reset your password yourself.

If you haven't done both these things, you need to contact your practice and ask them to reset your password.

  1. On the Patient Access login screen, click the Password link or click here.
  2. Type your email or user ID.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. If your account details match you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

If you still cannot sign in after following these steps, contact your practice and ask them to reset your account linkeage key.

Further Assitance

You can find more answers to any other questions you have at on the Patient Access support website.